BP Lighting Panel

Ideal LED fixtures for replacing traditional HID and fluorescent fixture for cost-effective applications

Following the market trend, with its innovative design, aims at replacing traditional HID and fluorescent fixture specially traditional T5HO, T8 and metal halide and at the same time, providing better lighting solution for more industrial space.

Well-chosen lens to provide better solution for aisle distribution options and extraordinary fixture-to-fixture spacing. Outstanding anti-glare function due to special lens structure makes your eyes feel more comfortable and offers you a more pleasant working environment.

Each fixture features a qualified glossy die casting housing with superior LED in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K and high quality driver so as to ensure good heat dissipation and good lumen maintenance.

Compatible with different intelligent control including Dali, occupancy sensor, wireless control While Panel offers from 3600lm to 48000lm to meet different industrial space requirement.